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At a club as rich in history as ours there are always bowlers who stand out as someone with a special gift. A bowler who makes the game look so easy to play.

Malton has had many such bowlers and this can be seen in the repeated entries here on the Honours Boards. Steve Freddi, David Brand, Ossie Ashcroft, Hayden Parker, Mrs. Elsie Goodman, David Boyes, Eric Wood, David Raines and John Harper, to name but a few, are bowlers who appear on the lists of the club's annual winners year after year.

In addition to winning the club competitions many of these bowlers have also held positions on the committee or been a member of the green keeping staff. They are the life blood of our club. The membership is indebted to their dedication and commitment to the cause. Of course, as time goes by, more names will be added to the Honours Boards and some of those members will carry the club forward in league & cup matches in the future.

In earlier years there was a Ladies and Mens Singles competition but the Ladies Singles has now been discontinued and the ladies are invited to enter the renamed 4 Wood Singles competition alongside the men.